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Kenville Gold Mine

Kenville Accessibility

Accessing the Mine

The Kenville mine lies on the north slope of the Kootenay River, less than 8 km from the City of Nelson. Access is excellent via a paved provincial highway and the main regional road (Blewett). The road systems are interconnected with main provincial trunk highways roughly 10 km east. The local regional airport is located in Castlegar roughly a half hour drive (32 km) to the west. Should materials be needed by air support, they can be obtained from the Vancouver and Calgary centres daily.


The climate is sub-alpine with hot dry summers and cold winters. Snow levels in the higher portions of the property can exceed 3 metres (10 feet) in some years which would not impact operations. There are water shortages during the year in the local hydro-electric grid as the river levels drop, so onsite long-term storage is needed by way of tanks or ponds.


The vegetation consists of a forest of high quality pine and fir and cedar trees descending in quality to scrub trees mixed with low bush. The range of tree types (larch, hemlock, birch and yew) allows for limited logging and compost pulp production. Several creeks running down the north flank of Toad Mountain are suitable for small run of river power grid systems and water storage.

Workforce & Supplies

There is an excellent pool of highly trained and motivated workers available in the area and region.

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