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Kenville Gold Mine

Kenville Mineralization

The mineralized areas of the mime’s 257 Level are generally similar to those found to the east and west,, both underground and on surface. However, the original surface veins were exposed in the late 1800s and largely worked for their obvious value.

With the absence of any original surface working to examine, it is important to understand the mineral suite and quality that would make this deposit the first quartz lode mine in the province. The miners of the day were mostly placer types who had to learn an entire new way to mine at this location. With that in mind they continued with whatever method made sense at the time. The standard refrain from all corners of the mining world at the time advised to get on a vein and never leave it.

Any changes in mineralization from the high grade surface gossans would be noted at the time but were not reported on. A report from 1887 mentions that once the veins were opened, some of them displayed widths of over 15.2 metres (50 feet). The grades averaged a value of $300 per ton with gold less than $30 per ounce at the time.

We have taken efforts to fully categorize the mineralization triggers of the productive veins and some localized host walls. A series of micro photos and scanning electron microscopic images (SEM) were taken of a selection of higher grade assay locations on two different veins. The nugget like gold effect can be seen by the placement of the gold particles on the host sulphide mineralization.

The general nature of mineralization within the 257 Level has to be described as variable. There is no set pattern of a specific type being located in any particular vein area. High grade gold values exist and only solid reporting of the nature of any future high grade areas will add to the mineralization processes. The gold values appear to be independent of increases in galena, lead and zinc. However where high values of copper have been encountered the higher gold values appear to correlate.

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