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Kenville Gold Mine

Kenville Property

The Kenville Gold Mine property consists of 15 Crown Granted mineral claims (the “Crown Grants”); 4 staked mineral claims; and 4 parcels of deeded surface property. They are all owned by Anglo Swiss Resources Inc.

The property suite is centered roughly on Latitude 49 degrees 27’30” N and longitude 117 degrees 23’W, which places it on the NTS map sheet 82F/6W. It is generally described as being on the northern slope of Toad Mountain, 8 km west of the City of Nelson, British Columbia.

The main Mine workings are wholly contained in the cluster of Crown Grants. The property boundaries of the Crown Grants are all surveyed lots. The survey plans and the electronic mineral claim cells are all registered on the BC government cadastre and MT Online systems.

The 257 Level is roughly 152.4 metres (500 feet) below the sloped surface and not subject to any surface issues except where the portal exits the mountainside. This portal has been in place since the early 1940s. There are no known issues with it or the underground workings.

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