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Kenville Gold Mine

Kenville Exploration

For over 110 years, the Kenville Gold Mine property has been worked but not properly identified as to deposit type. At this point, only the facts of known geological structure can be detailed and the deposit nomenclature will follow through the current exploration programs.

The property is located near the regional Silver King shear trend but has an irregular series of vertical and flat crossing faults. The vertical faults are at roughly 30 degrees to normal. The flat faults display a shallow dip to the west that undulates between 5 and 40 degrees.

The faults and dykes cross and offset the originally emplaced sub parallel main vein systems. Most offsets are minor but some areas display 13.2 metre (50 foot) vertical and 91.4 metre (300 foot) horizontal movement. This results in a complex vein/fault/dyke network that is only now being understood. The proposed 2010-2011 underground and surface diamond drill programs are designed to assist in developing a better understanding for that complex structure. In addition, new 3D modeling is being used to articulate that development process.

There are no apparent points where highly mineralized areas have been mined to extinction. Indeed, all veins should be expanded where possible to drift for true average grade values. The numerous historical grade values and averages from the old production records show an average grade that is much higher than the calculated value obtained from the current evaluation methods.  The historical grade values have been used for calculating the inferred resource values.

Further surface exposures are required to define and trace the orientations of the surface veins.

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