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Slocan Blu Starr

Research – Drill Program

A program of diamond drilling was carried out at the northwest part of the Slocan property. Core logging and sampling were carried out at the Anglo Swiss-Kenville mine site facility near Nelson.

Rock types observed during the drill program included complex and repetitive intervals of:

  • Leucocratic, foliated quartz-plagioclase psammite gneiss (+minor biotite)
  • Phlogopite/biotite-rich (+/- garnet) paragneiss
  • Quartz-feldspar pegmatite bands
  • Amphibolite
  • Marble
  • Calc-silicate
  • Quartzite zones
  • Copper mineralization
  • Flake graphite

All samples underwent rare earth analyses, although no significant concentrations of these elements appear to be present in the samples tested.

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