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Geology – Property

The varied geology of the property has been extensively mapped. Metamorphic rocks of the Valhalla Complex in the Passmore Dome area belong to the “upper sheet,” lying between the Airy quartz monzonite sheet dated at 62 Ma and the underlying Mulvey granodioritic gneiss sheet dated at 100 Ma. Graphite and minor sulphidebearing carbonate and calc-silicate layers lie at a structurally higher level in the the upper sheet, than that of the cordierite (iolite) and corundum (sapphire) bearing lenses that appear to lie within or near to the Gwillim Creek shear zone.

The Tedesco area geological map units cannot be directly correlated with other areas of the Slocan property. The Tedesco area hosts distinctive graphitic marble layers not known to occur on other areas of the property. During mapping and surveying, five distinct rock unites were observed.

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