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Slocan Blu Starr

Geology - Regional

The Slocan property lies within the southern portion of the approximately 100 km long Valhalla-Passmore Gneiss Complex, which is composed of a high grade metamorphic core with outward-dipping metamorphic layering and foliation.

Metamorphic rocks of the Valhalla assemblage comprise a heterogeneous sequence of biotitic schist (pelitic schist) and quartzo-feldspathic gneiss (psammitic gneiss), amphibolite gneiss and minor marble, calc-silicate gneiss, quartzite, metaconglomerate and ultramafic rocks.

The Valhalla complex forms the footwall of the Valkyr and Slocan Lake shear zones. It consists of a variety of minerals, and contains three sheets of supracrustal rocks identified as upper, middle and lower.

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